So, you’ve heard of the Christchurch Food Chase and you’re wondering what the heck it’s all about?! Here’s your cheat sheet to all things Food Chase and what you need to know to prepare yourself for a month of deliciousness.


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When does the Christchurch Food Chase run from? 
This year’s Food Chase kicks off on the 1st August and runs for the entire month (which includes five weekends!). 

What happens? 
You help us to find Ōtautahi’s favourite dish! We have a number of participating restaurants who have all created their own ‘Food Chase’ Dish. Visit these establishments between the 1st - 31st August, order the Food Chase Dish, and then rate your meal online ( We’ll be announcing the winners of the various categories at the end of the month. 

What are the dishes like?
There’s a delectable range, check out the dish list here. All dishes are $35 or under and many establishments have paired their dish with a recommended beverage! 

What is the most unusual item on offer?
Nothing is really ‘unusual’ in a Food Event, is it!? Although we have had a dish come through that sounds suspiciously like Dr Seuss’s ‘Green Eggs and Ham’- you’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

Are there prizes for the Chasers as well? 
Funny you ask! We had such a great groundswell of support from our Food Chase community last year, we have been known to give out prizes for our top chasers…. Firstly, make sure you’re voting and - for bonus points - get sharing on social too. 

Tell me about the Christchurch Food Chase more generally… 

Where did the idea come from?
It’s no secret that many in hospitality in Christchurch are doing it tough currently - with the increased number of establishments, continuing established geographical footprints in terms of people’s daily lives, and winter, generally. 

In 2017 we - as Narrative - could see that this was going to be an issue - and set out to do something about it. The Christchurch Food Chase is Canterbury’s answer to a local dish competition; encouraging eateries to create a meal (under $35) for the competition and asking Christchurch to help us choose the favourite. 

How influential was Wellington On A Plate in its creation?
We love Wellington On A Plate - and similar initiatives domestically and internationally. We’ve seen friends around the world get in behind their local competitions; whether that’s a Burger Competition or a broader festival. What we’ve learned is that the opportunity to encourage people to get off the couch and try something new or somewhere different is often well-received - and that by building a collaborative effort, we can do better, together. 

What do you hope the Chase will bring to the table that other festivals don't?
Well, there’s currently nothing like the Christchurch Food Chase happening in Canterbury - so, we’re hopeful that we’re creating that opportunity. Moreover, we’ve partnered with the likes of the North Canterbury Wine Region and Three Boys Brewery who all agree that we’re better together. Canterbury has an amazing array of hospitality options, and we’d love to help showcase that locally - and, in the future, highlight that across Aotearoa. 

What were some of the highlights from last year?
In 2018 we took a vision to a number of restaurants and said “we’re keen to try this - trust us?”; 27 establishments did and between us all, we created a truly grass-roots & collaborative celebration of hospitality. Several thousand people participated by voting and tens of thousands engaged with the concept. 100% of people surveyed said they wanted to see the Christchurch Food Chase return in 2019, and across restaurant owners and patrons, the feedback was incredibly supportive. 

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